Our service is complete service. This includes measuring the room, choosing the fabric, curtain design and sewing, and curtain rails and curtain installation.

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Design service

Getting to know your interior, measuring the room, choosing a suitable fabric, designing curtains and window coverings, and choosing curtain rods and hanging systems.

Our professional and dedicated designers will help you find an interior-integrating curtain that meets your taste and needs and emphasizes both the uniqueness of the room and your individuality.

Our experienced consultants will also help you choose harmonizing accessories in addition to fabrics, so that the result is a perfect and cozily functional complete design solution.


Sewing curtains and home textiles. Curtain salon Albatros Textile offers a high-quality custom curtain sewing service. This includes the creation of original designs, consideration of specific customer needs and careful work with fabrics.


Transport and installation of curtain rods and curtains: Our curtain studio ensures professional transport and installation of all components such as curtain rods, window coverings and, of course, curtains. This ensures correct and reliable confirmation.


Curtain and Window Covering Repairs: Over time, curtain repairs or replacement of certain parts may be necessary. If it seems that your windows covering are no longer as they should be, contact us. Lets fix it! We provides repair services, including replacing weakened parts, stains, or damaged fabric sections.

B2B Curtains and Window covering

Window coverings are an important element in the design of a room, adding not only aesthetic value, but also functionality. They play a special role by creating privacy, regulating light and offering a pleasant atmosphere.

Textile in the office not only serve a functional purpose, but also contribute to creating a conducive, professional and caring work environment.

All B2B fabrics have FR certificate.

A complete solution from measurements to installation


We offer you a complete range of services, starting from measurements of your space and curtain design to professional curtain installation. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support at every step, to create the perfect solution for your interior.

Our designers will help you bring to life a functional and stylish design for your curtains. We pay attention to every detail to create a solution that meets your needs and highlights the unique style of your space.

We take pride in offering you a wide selection of fabrics with different textures, colors, and patterns. Our range includes various options for rods and accessories to create a complete and harmonious look for your curtains.

We always find the best solution that meets your preferences and needs. Our experienced consultants will help you choose the optimal fabrics, design, and accessories, making your interior not only beautiful but also functional.