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Textile curtains

Textile curtains add softness, style and personality to the room. Whether it’s an airy transparent fabric or a denser blackout material, curtains are a versatile and elegant solution for any window. Choose a color, pattern, and texture that suits your interior, and create a unique atmosphere in your space with textile curtains

Textile curtains can serve different purposes and perform different functions in the interior. They can be chosen not only based on their purpose, but also on considerations of visual aesthetics, style and practicality. Below is a description of the different types of textile curtains, taking into account the mentioned characteristics:

By purpose of use:

Designed to create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. They often have a dense structure that blocks out some light and noise, helping to create a cozier sleep environment.

Designed for complete or partial darkening of the room. They are often used in bedrooms, home theater rooms or other places where light control is important.

These curtains are designed to reflect some of the sun’s rays and heat, helping to maintain a pleasant indoor climate, especially in hot weather.

They emphasize the visual appeal and contribute to the aesthetics of the room. They can be made of finer materials and decorated with decorative elements to add style and beauty to the interior.

Usually made of lighter and more transparent fabrics, allowing natural light to penetrate the room. They create lightness and airiness in the interior.

By type:

A classic choice for window coverings. Curtains can be of different lengths and fabrics, from dense and dense to light and airy. Portiers often create a more luxurious and opulent look.

These curtains are raised and lowered using a special mechanism, forming horizontal folds. They create a neat and modern look.

Known for deep vertical pleats that create a luxurious and elegant look. They fit well into rooms with a classic or romantic style.

They are often presented in wider panels decorated with rich drapery and frills. This gives them a sophisticated and luxurious look.

These curtains consist of vertical panels that move along the window. They have a modern and minimalist style, fitting into modern interiors.

a decorative element that has long been associated with classic interior design. This unique addition brings sophistication and elegance to the windows, creating a sense of luxury and historic grandeur in the space. Hoolimata tugevast seosest klassikaliste esteetikatega, omab lambrekään potentsiaali kasutamiseks kaasaegsetes interjöörides, lisades neile originaalsust ja iseloomu. In classic design, the lambrequin is an important detail, emphasizing the luxury and sophistication of the room. It is often made of fabric with rich patterns, lots of decorative fringes and drapery, creating an impactful decorative solution. The lambrequin can be complemented with tassels and tassels, reinforcing its elegant nature. Combined with heavy curtains or portieres, the lambrequin gives the windows a grandiose look. Despite its association with classic styles, lambrequin can be seamlessly integrated into modern interiors. A modern interpretation can include geometric shapes, minimalist lines and subdued tones. This concept highlights the concept of “new classic”, combining elements of traditional and modern aesthetics.

By Quick Acquisition:

These curtains are specially tailored for your space, taking into account its dimensions, color palette and style. This allows for the best integration with the interior.

These are curtains in standard sizes and designs that are immediately available for purchase. They can be a more economical option and are suitable for those who want to update their interior quickly.
The choice of textile curtains depends on your preferences, functional needs and the style of the room.